I am not going to deny that short term rentals haven’t taken a hard hit due to the Covid-19 situation; how could it not right? This affected many areas of the hospitality Industry and many other businesses. Many businesses have been forced to close down and employees have lost their jobs left right and center.

Many have been affected by this unforeseen terrible situation; it’s so important in these situations to look for the positive and help those in need. We did our best to help where we could with our families; friends and those that surround us. It’s important to take care of each other and really help where possible as we are better and stronger together.

This situation allowed us to grow our business. Why you ask??? We have built new and stronger relationships with our clients during this time. We took on properties when other companies let them go simply because it became too hard. We have always been upfront and honest with our clients. We have bonded in a time of need; they know that we will not let them down as it is not in our nature nor should it be. We were dedicated to ensure that we had bookings continuing to come in and at the same time we were helping those who needed a place to stay.

How you ask??? We simply found a way! Yes Victoria’s Borders are closed… This does not mean that there aren’t people out there that are in need of a place to stay.

What did we do??? We went out to seek those who needed accommodation for work, those who were stranded due to the lockdown, those who needed to isolate from their families and those who just couldn’t wait to travel and get away to somewhere different other than their own homes.

We were prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure that the clients did not have to worry and in the process we were able to help others find a safe, clean place to stay for whatever their reason.

It gives us great pleasure in helping others; we love what we do and we do it well as it is our passion.

We take a bad situation/problem turn this into a challenge to find a solution. We believe in these times of hardships it’s important to help each other in any way we can; use this time to think outside the square and improve the situation. Attitude is so important in light of these situations.

Really listening and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is a great way to really understand where another person is coming from which allows us to provide the service that is required.

Our listed properties were therefore successful in the time where most struggled to get or keep a booking. Simply because of the way we went about managing these properties and doing what was required to keep the bookings coming in. Our relationships with our clients are stronger than ever and our passion continues to support the short term rental industry. Our love for providing an outstanding service for our clients which succeeds their expectations!