What is a BnB?

Airbnb has been around for quite some time. The number of people who are into turning their home into a short-term rental property is climbing steadily. The online marketplace now connects those who want to rent out their homes to individuals searching for accommodations in certain areas. Currently, Airbnb serves over 190 countries around the world and 81,000 cities.

Who should use our Services?

We are the best tenants you could possibly have. We would like to utilise your property on Airbnb for Short term stays. Your property will be kept in premium condition all year round. We do various background checks for those who stay in your property. We have strict rules, no parties, no smoking and no pet’s policy.

What Types of Properties do we manage?

There is no limit to the types of properties we manage. We own and co-host different types; including entire houses, apartments, and granny flats.

Our properties are situated in areas where travellers predominantly visit, particularly the central business district and tourist hotspots within Australia.

What we cover?

We provide a variety of services, including the following:

  • Pay the Bond and Rent
  • Cleaning and housekeeping
  • Maintenance
  • Professional photography
  • Listing and marketing your home
  • Customer review management
  • Communication with the guests
What are the safety measures of my property?

We follow stringent rules to sift potential guests before accepting their booking. If a certain person does not have reviews on their profile, we will request verification of their identity.

We can also examine their ID before checking in. If we are still unsure about the potential guest, we will discuss the matter with you. More often than not, we will not allow the booking to go through.

What happens if a guest damages a property?

All our listings have strict rules of no parties or bucks/hens weekends. Our strict sifting and qualifying formula for the “right” kind of tenants reduces the risk of anything like this happening. The Airbnb Host Guarantee also protects hosts up to $1,000,000 should accidents happen and we are fully covered with our own insurance through icorp insure.

Why would I choose to rent to Choose BnB instead of a regular tenant?

It is a smarter way to Invest as you will have someone taking care of your property giving you that piece of mind. No more worries of someone Nesting and neglecting your property. You have more chance of us continually leasing your property as compared to having your property not earning money during tenant changes.

We pride ourselves on giving our guest a 5 star experience to remember every single time. Providing the highest level of up keep to your property is essential to the success of our business and our relationship with you. After each stay the property is professionally cleaned, keeping it well looked after. We also take care of any minor maintenance issues such as a broken light bulb or loose cupboard door etc. We don’t believe in bothering you with minor headaches and expenses. We have a no smoking, no parties, no pet’s policy and we screen every guest to make sure they have stayed in Airbnb before and have multiple glowing reviews. We make sure they have ID checks and are the right fit for our guests in your property. We also check your property after every stay to ensure it’s in tip-top condition.

Can you look after a property in my area?

YES! We can look after any property in all areas of Australia as long as it fits our model. We have systems and managers in place in all areas of Australia to help you set, forget and collect your rent.